Thursday, April 03, 2008

Technological progress of Babelonian proportions

I was just reading the following article, "Humanizing Animals."

It is frightening the extent to which fallen mankind will go when reason is made its god and restraint is forsaken in the name of absolute liberty. The main question this article asks is whether it would be moral to have human-animal hybrid beings who are "happy slaves." The author asks,

[...] what about uplifting animals by boosting their intelligence and physical dexterity? Uplifting animals to human-like sapience has been explored by many speculative writers.
First of all, are you really asking this question? What amazes me is that we live in an age when the idolatry of human nature is rampant, the "cult of man" takes pride of place above the true cult of God, but yet the world is attacking humanity at the same time. The world claims to care for humanity more than any other generation yet the world assails it on all sides, degrading it in ways far beyond what any other age could have dreamed.

Basically, by "uplifting" animals they are speaking of joining human nature, specifically reason and free will, into animals by these hybrid embryos. Is this idea not substantial evidence of the baseness of the state of the world? The world is actually considering becoming animals, not just in their indulgence of sin but also in their actual nature.

What of the most striking indictments in this article is this one:

However, living as a human discontented with my shortcomings, I know that it is "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n." When sufficient progress has been made later this century, I hope to have the power of choosing how to use new technologies to enhance my capacities and even at the risk of overwhelming and destroying my own identity.
The author believes it is "better to reign in hell?" Why? Because he is "discontented with [his] shortcomings." He'd rather live in that imperfection, drink to the dregs, and reign as king of the basest parts of humanity - as opposed to allowing God ("Heav'n") to overcome and help us in our shortcomings, making us a servant of the greatest Good for which we could ever hope. But he looks to progress. That is the crux of the matter. Progress.

We must ask, however, what is the essence of true progress? That is one of the greatest confusions of our age. Everyone yearns for progress but the progress they cry for is an unrestrained progress that does not know an objective, absolute moral compass. It is progress aimed at new inventions, new technologies, regardless of where they take us. We must ask, however, what is our greatest good. It is not unrestrained freedom nor free liberty but rather to do the good and to obtain eternal life with God. What progress takes us down that path? Not human-animal hybrids nor technological advances that do not assist us in pursuing the good. True progress is in very essence that which helps us attain to the good.

Evolution is a key foundation to the theories of progress such as the one reflected in this article. The author states,

Some have argued that self-aware intelligence is an ecological niche that can only be inhabited by one species. If two proto-intelligent species arise at the same time, one eventually out-competes and causes the extinction of the other. This may have happened to our Neanderthal cousins. Would uplifting animals spark a dangerous evolutionary competition for the occupation of the intelligence niche?
Competition and extinction. Hence we must progress so that we remain atop of the evolutionary food chain. Only one species can reign in this "hell" that the author details. The very idea of human-animal hybrids is supported by the idea that in the past one species advanced past others, we - they would say - became superior. Thus they may want to make these hybrids but then again they may, in the process of survival of the fittest, overcome us.

What have we become? Is the world really this confused? Has the goddess of reason really so deluded so many? What possible benefits could they see? How can they not see the immorality of it all?

If anything, it cries out for a strong support of Creationism. Regardless of micro-evolution, we cannot be silent in attacking the errors of Darwinian macro-evolution. Mankind was made by God ex nihilo. All human beings belong to Him and are responsible to Him. They cannot seek progress for the sake of progress even when it offends God. We must ask, "Will this perceived advancement assist the human community in seeking the good and remaining faithful to God our Creator?" If not, regardless of human ingenuity, it must be rejected.

We may be very well headed for some of the scariest and most degenerated ages the world has ever known. But even in the midst of the greatest darkness, the light just shines all the greater. May we all, by the grace of God, live lives that shine the light of Christ.

Pax Christi tecum.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Brett Favre: real Catholicism

I'm just going to offer one quote from this article on Brett Favre's (Green Bay Packers quarterback) faith:

"If I were to make a list, I would include the interceptions, the sacks, the really painful losses. Those times when I've been down, when I've been kicked around, I hold on to those. In a way those are the best times I've ever had, because that's when I've found out who I am. And what I want to be."

Read the article. It explains how Brett and his wife had a child out of wedlock, reject the idea of abortion, suffered through many difficulties but never questioned God's goodness ("if I asked why my father died or why Deanna has breast cancer, I would have to ask why I throw touchdown passes").

God bless you Brett and Deanna.

Pax Christi tecum.