Thursday, June 05, 2008

Our Lady to Rosario Toscano at Belpasso: sufferings offered to Our Lord become sweet roses

On Wednesday June 18, 1986 Our Lady said the following to Rosario Toscano:

Sufferings are thorns, but if offered to Jesus they are roses.
There is no need to grumble, because Jesus has suffered more than anyone else, and He complained so little.
Jesus grants you His love when you offer Him the humiliations that you receive.
Jesus offers you His love when you offer Him the insults that you receive.

Offer to Jesus every bad deed you receive, and tell Him that it is for the sake of His love that you receive it, and that you offer it to Him for the conversion of sinners, and that in Him you find comfort.

This message is a beautiful exhortation on how to accept and offer our sufferings to Our Lord Who suffered more than we could ever know or grasp. If we could just accept the sufferings of each and every day, realizing that they feel as thorns but when we offer them to Our Lord they are made into beautiful roses, what couldn't we endure joyfully?

Everything is Jesus' and when we offer everything to Him, we find, as Our Lady tells us, His love. In a world in desperate need of conversion to Christ, what difference could each of us make by offering our daily sufferings for the conversion of sinners? It's Our Lady's call to us. May we head our messages as God sends her for the sake of our souls.

Pax Christ tecum.

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