Friday, January 04, 2008

Condoms and the spread of immorality

We've all heard it, haven't we? "There must be a change in the opinion of the church regarding contraception in HIV-laden countries." Or perhaps "condoms will help our young people be more responsible and protect them from harm." Isn't it amazing how those wolves come dressed as sheep? I wonder if they get a bulk discount on their wool orders.

There is an interesting blurb in the New Oxford Review about protests angered at the idea of installing condom vending machines in one part of India. One of the arguments noted in the article is that access to condoms will “degrade women and corrupt the young.” These are Muslim women. Women! They are not so deceived as many American women to cry out for their reproductive rights and to have control over their own bodies.

Here is another great quote from the New Oxford Review article:

M.H. Jawahirullah, who heads the Muslim Progressive Party, says, 'We must fight AIDS, but these machines at public places will only promote sex outside marriage among the younger generation.'"

You know, they're right. Contraception does degrade women, corrupt the young and encourage pre-marital relations. It degrades women because it views them as something to be used - as a means for pleasure - and does not respect their person nor their body. It degrades women by allowing a man to have the utmost intimacy with her but have no commitment whatsoever (as would be given in the marital "until death do us part"). Contraception degrades women by valuing their body while disregarding their person.

It corrupts the young by essentially saying it is okay to have pre-marital relations so long as you use "protection." It makes it easier for the young to consider pre-marital relations because the main fruit of those relations, i.e. the child, is no longer a concern. If a person had to think of the possibility of a child then they may respect the act much more than to engage in it casually and without marital commitment.

Chastity and marriage, on the other hand, values the person to the utmost degree. Chastity says: "I respect you and therefore I cannot use you for my own selfish ends." Each spouse, in marriage, says "I will be faithful to you, to love you, until death do us part." While it is true that either spouse can be used within the marital state, and that is still a danger for fallen man to overcome, the commitment leads to respect of the person. By saying that your entire lives are not enjoined, as one flesh, then both individuals are respected. They are so worthwhile that each spouses intends to spend the rest of their earthly existence giving themselves only to this one person. So long as contraception does not enter into marriage, and the primacy of reproduction is maintained, then relations have a lesser chance of denigrating into use because the act is not engaged apart from reason. It cannot be denied however that the desire for selfish use is still a temptation - and each spouse must struggle against it, by grace - but there is nothing inherent that would aim toward selfish use as is the case when contraception is employed.

While many of the wolves in our own Church have said that an allowance needs to be made for contraception in the case of HIV/AIDS, the true shepherds do not waver. What is the answer for the plague of HIV/AIDS? Chastity. It is little wonder that God would punish someone for their sins. That is why we believe there is a hell for those who do not repent and come to the mercy of Christ. That is why our Sacred Scriptures tell us that God chastises those He loves, not because He has an eye at watching them suffer but because His desire is for their repentance.

While many in our country attack Muslims as evil because of the terrorism caused by a radical minority, the fact remains that on many moral issues they surpass many Americans. They do not condone abortion or contraception. If only Americans would cry out as fiercely as these Muslims and if only our leaders, our entire country, would see the truth and turn from the error of their evil ways. God is merciful, loving and forgiving when we return to Him in repentance and genuine contrition.

May our country, by the grace of God, stop the degradation of women, the corruption of youth and the encouragement to immorality that comes from a contraceptive mentality.

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