Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh Canada! I really, really like Canada for some reason. Perhaps because it is seems so clean to me or because of all of the natural beauty - or just because of the occassional "eh?" Regardless, I've just returned home from a post-Spring semester trip to Canada. It was a beautiful trip. We had an amazing miracle at the casino, betting on sporting events. One baseball game was won by the team we had picked in extra innings and then the hockey games went as picked so for the first time we won on sporting events. It is always so difficult to come back to the mundane, every day events of life...but that is life, right? Those mundane moments of life are those where the battle is won and the crown is earned. We either struggle with them in the hope, by God's grace, of conquering them. They then become stepping stones to glory. Or else we resign in their face, either out of fatigue or boredom, and they become the weight upon our back pressing us down into the mire. It is, however, always easier to take a vacation, an escape, from those everyday moments. Then you come home to realize that life is still waiting for you. There are some very beautiful, powerful, and necessary moments in everyday life.